How do you know when it is time to replace your gutters?

Consider these 10 questions to determine if you need to repair or replace your home’s gutters.


Gutters prevent damage to your home in numerous ways and save you money in the long run. Not only do gutters block water from running down the side of your house or underneath the shingles of your roof, but they also safeguard against foundation damage and keep your home free from excess water.

 Maintaining your gutters is just as important as having them installed. Spring is the best time to perform an assessment of your gutters. Ask yourself these ten questions when inspecting your gutters to determine if it’s time to call a professional:


1. Is there any damage to your gutters, such as a break that could cause leakage?
• Leaky gutters can create moisture in your basement, which results in mold.

2. Are your gutters directed away from your home?
• Gutters that are leaking water towards your foundation instead of guiding water away from it may cause problems such as cracks in your foundation.

3. Is there standing water in your gutters?

• When water collects in gutters, they will sag, hang down, become unleveled, or pull away from the house.

4. Are your gutters bent, dented or filled with holes?
• Clogged, damaged, or worn gutters are the main reasons for basement leaks.


5. Are your gutters rusted?
• Rusty gutters are weak and will tarnish beyond repair over time.

6. Are your gutters draining properly?
• Water pouring out of the side of the gutters could be the result of a gutter blockage or misaligned gutters.
• Puddles of water forming around your home after it rains or mold growing around your home’s foundation are signs that your gutters are not draining properly.

7. Are you finding nails on the ground around your home?
• If nails begin to loosen or fall out completely, your gutters can pull away from the house.

8. Are water channels forming in your landscaping or are parts of your landscaping washing out or eroding?
• These are signs that your gutters are not performing properly and you will need to repair or replace them to direct water away from particular landscape features.

9. Do you see peeling paint, corroding wood in areas behind the gutter, or rust stains on your home’s exterior?
• These issues can be triggered by gutter water overflowing and running down the back of the gutter along the exterior of your home. Your gutters could be worn, misaligned or clogged.

10. Can you see gaps between gutter connections?
• Gaps will eventually lead to water leakage.


If you said yes to any of the questions above, it is time for you to replace your gutters. The spring and summer seasons are the best times to have MNT Roofing & Siding check your gutters. We’ll look for wear and tear, evaluate alignment, and assess whether or not your gutter system is working properly. If we find any problems, we’ll provide you with gutter replacement or repair options. You can reach us by email at or by telephone at 973-758-7077.


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Top Ten Signs that You Need to Replace Your Gutters